Exploring the Beauty of Morro del Jable, Spain: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)


Exploring the Beauty of Morro del Jable, Spain: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

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About Morro del Jable, Spain & Its Location?

Morro Jable is a town located in the south of the island of Fuerteventura, Spain. It is known as the South Gate to Fuerteventura and is one of the largest towns on the island, offering a wide range of possibilities and attractions. The area features Playa del Matorral, which is characterized by immaculately landscaped apartments and hotels that offer a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the northern parts of the island.

Morro del Jable is a must-visit attraction in the area, known for its scenic beauty and positive reviews from visitors. For travelers, Morro Jable offers a diverse array of things to do, making it a significant destination on Fuerteventura.

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How to Reach Morro del Jable, Spain – Local Transport

There are a few ways to reach Morro del Jable, depending on your starting point:

  • By plane: The Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) is located about 85 kilometers north of Morro del Jable. From there, you can take a taxi, bus, or shuttle to your final destination. Several airlines offer direct flights to Fuerteventura from major European cities, including London, Frankfurt, and Paris.
  • By ferry: There are ferry services from Gran Canaria to Morro del Jable. The journey time is about 3 hours. This is a good option if you’re coming from another Canary Island.
  • By bus: There are regular bus services from Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura, to Morro del Jable. The journey time is about 1.5 hours. This is a budget-friendly option, but it can be a bit slow.

Once you’re in Morro del Jable, you can get around by foot, taxi, or bicycle. The town is small and walkable, and there are plenty of bike rental shops.

Morro del Jable Parking

Morro del Jable in Spain offers various parking options for visitors:

On-Street Parking: Parking on the streets is generally available, and visitors report ease in finding overnight parking in Morro del Jable. Many have not encountered issues while staying in the area.

Hotels with Parking: Some hotels in Morro del Jable offer parking facilities, providing convenience for guests with cars. It’s advisable to check with your specific hotel regarding parking availability.

Public Car Parks: While on-street parking is common, there are also public car parks available, ensuring additional options for visitors

What is Morro del Jable famous for? 

Morro del Jable, located on the Jandía Peninsula in Fuerteventura, Spain, is famous for its captivating features that draw visitors from around the world.

1. Scenic Beaches: Morro del Jable is renowned for its stunning beaches, notably Playa de Cofete and Playa del Matorral. The golden sands and clear waters make these beaches perfect for sunbathing, water activities, and enjoying the picturesque coastal views.

2. Turtle Nursery: The town is home to a Turtle Nursery, dedicated to the conservation of marine life. Visitors can explore the nursery, learn about conservation efforts, and witness the protection of sea turtles, adding an educational and eco-conscious aspect to the town’s attractions.

3. Pico de las Zarzas: The prominent Pico de las Zarzas is a noteworthy lookout point. Hiking to this vantage point rewards adventurers with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including the vast Atlantic Ocean and the striking Jandía Peninsula.

4. Charming Town Atmosphere: Morro del Jable exudes a charming and welcoming atmosphere, blending traditional Canarian elements with modern amenities. The town’s streets, markets, and cultural experiences provide visitors with an authentic taste of local life.

5. Coastal Delights: As a coastal town, Morro del Jable offers delightful seafood experiences. Restaurants and bars along the shore serve fresh catches, allowing visitors to indulge in the flavors of the Atlantic while enjoying the scenic coastal ambiance.

6. Tranquil Environment: Unlike bustling urban centers, Morro del Jable provides a tranquil environment, making it an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and a break from the fast-paced city life.

7. Playa de Cofete’s Unique Setting: Playa de Cofete, in particular, is famous for its unique and somewhat remote location. Accessible by off-road vehicles, this beach offers a sense of isolation and untouched beauty, contributing to its allure.

Morro del Jable is famous for its breathtaking beaches, commitment to marine conservation, panoramic viewpoints, charming town atmosphere, coastal culinary delights, and a tranquil environment. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, Morro del Jable stands out as a gem in the Canary Islands.

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Attractions in Morro del Jable

AttractionKnown forActivities
Playa de CofeteVast beach with golden sand and clear waters.Sunbathing, swimming, beachcombing.
Morro del Jable TownHeart of the town, blending traditional and modern elements.Shopping, dining, cultural exploration.
Turtle NurseryDedicated to sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation.Educational tours, learning about sea turtle conservation.
Playa del MatorralThe beautiful beach is known for fine sands and crystal-clear waters.Sunbathing, swimming, beach walks.
Pico de las ZarzasProminent lookout point with panoramic views of Jandía Peninsula.Hiking, photography, enjoying scenic views.
Faro de Jandia (Jandía Lighthouse)Iconic lighthouse at the southern tip of Jandía Peninsula.Lighthouse visit, coastal walks.
Puerto Morro JablePicturesque harbor with fishing boats and yachts.Strolling, enjoying waterfront views.
Monumento a Willy BrandtMonument dedicated to former German Chancellor Willy Brandt.Sightseeing, learning about the monument’s significance.
Nuestra Senora del CarmenChurch showcasing traditional Canarian architecture.Church visits, cultural exploration.

How to Have Fun at Morro del Jable? | Things to Do

Having fun in Morro del Jable involves a mix of relaxing beach experiences, exploring cultural attractions, and enjoying outdoor activities. Here’s a guide on how to have fun in Morro del Jable:

1. Beach Day at Playa de Cofete or Playa del Matorral:

  • Activities: Sunbathe on the golden sands, take a refreshing swim in the clear waters, and enjoy beachcombing.
  • Tip: Bring a beach towel, sunscreen, and a good book for a perfect day of relaxation.

2. Explore Morro del Jable Town:

  • Activities: Wander through the charming streets, visit local markets, and indulge in some shopping.
  • Tip: Try local delicacies and immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of the town.

3. Visit the Turtle Nursery:

  • Activities: Take an educational tour of the Turtle Nursery, learn about sea turtle conservation efforts, and observe these fascinating creatures.
  • Tip: Check for scheduled feeding times for an interactive experience.

4. Hike to Pico de las Zarzas:

  • Activities: Embark on a hiking adventure to Pico de las Zarzas for panoramic views of the Jandía Peninsula.
  • Tip: Wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

5. Enjoy Water Sports:

  • Activities: Engage in water sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, or paddleboarding.
  • Tip: Rent equipment locally or join guided water sports excursions for an added thrill.

6. Dine on Seafood Delights:

  • Activities: Experience the local culinary scene by trying fresh seafood dishes at seaside restaurants.
  • Tip: Don’t miss the opportunity to savor Canarian specialties with an ocean view.

7. Visit Faro de Jandia (Jandía Lighthouse):

  • Activities: Explore the iconic lighthouse, enjoy coastal walks, and take in panoramic views.
  • Tip: Visit during sunset for a magical experience.

8. Stroll Along Puerto Morro Jable:

  • Activities: Take a stroll along the port area, admire fishing boats, and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.
  • Tip: Find a waterfront cafe for a relaxing drink with a view.

9. Participate in Local Events:

  • Activities: Check if there are any local events, festivals, or cultural activities happening during your visit.
  • Tip: Engaging with the local community can provide unique and memorable experiences.

10. Relax After Dark:Activities: Explore the town’s nightlife, unwind at beachfront bars, or enjoy live music. – Tip: Look for beach bars offering evening entertainment and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.

11. Capture Memories:Activities: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture stunning landscapes, charming streets, and memorable moments. – Tip: Create a travel journal or photo album to reminisce about your time in Morro del Jable.

Morro del Jable offers a diverse range of activities for all types of travelers, ensuring a fun and memorable experience on this beautiful part of the Jandía Peninsula.

Nearby Attraction at Morro del Jable, Spain?

Nearby AttractionDistance from Morro del JableDescription
Cofete Beach~20 km northVast, untouched landscapes with dramatic coastal scenery and views of the Jandía Mountains.
Jandía Natural ParkSurrounds Morro del JableProtected area with diverse ecosystems, including dunes, mountains, and pristine beaches. Hiking trails offer scenic exploration.
Casa de los Coroneles~25 km northwestHistoric mansion with traditional Canarian architecture, providing insights into the island’s history and culture.
Sotavento Beach~30 km northLong stretch of golden sand popular for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Features a shallow lagoon suitable for water sports.
Betancuria~60 km northCharming village with cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and the Church of Santa María.
Ajuy Caves~70 km northwestNatural caves formed by erosion, offering exploration opportunities and views of the Atlantic Ocean.
La Pared Beach~15 km northRugged and less crowded beach known for its beauty. Popular among surfers seeking a more secluded experience.
Playa de Sotavento~35 km northPristine beach with natural beauty, forming part of the larger Sotavento Beach area.

Planning Your Trip

Best Places to Stay

1. Hotel Riu Calypso: Hotel Riu Calypso is a gem nestled in Morro del Jable, offering a blend of modern comforts and scenic beauty. Situated on the southern tip of Fuerteventura, this beachfront hotel provides an ideal retreat for travelers seeking relaxation and luxury.

2. IFA Altamarena by Lopesan Hotels: IFA Altamarena by Lopesan Hotels is a haven of tranquility situated in Morro del Jable. With its distinctive architecture and emphasis on comfort, it stands as a testament to quality accommodation in this picturesque town.

3. Villas Monte Solana: For those seeking a more private and independent stay, Villas Monte Solana offers a unique experience with its charming villas and serene surroundings. Villas Monte Solana provides a secluded and tranquil environment, ideal for guests looking for privacy and a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Dining Experiences

1. El Pellizco: El Pellizco is a culinary gem in Morro del Jable, offering a delightful dining experience that combines Mediterranean and Spanish influences. With its warm ambiance and delectable menu, El Pellizco stands out as a must-visit restaurant for food enthusiasts.

2. NOMADS proper burgers: NOMADS proper burgers brings a unique twist to Morro del Jable’s culinary scene by specializing in gourmet burgers with a focus on quality, taste, and creativity. This restaurant appeals to those seeking a casual yet elevated dining experience.

3. La Bodega de Jandia: La Bodega de Jandia is a Spanish culinary haven, offering an authentic taste of local flavors in a cozy and welcoming setting. This restaurant is a go-to destination for those seeking traditional Spanish cuisine in Morro del Jable.


Morro del Jable stands as a captivating destination on Fuerteventura, Spain, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and delightful hospitality. The curated selection of accommodations, from the beachfront luxury of Hotel Riu Calypso to the secluded charm of Villas Monte Solana, caters to diverse preferences, ensuring a memorable stay.

For culinary enthusiasts, the dining experiences in Morro del Jable provide a culinary journey. El Pellizco, with its Mediterranean and Spanish fusion, creates an intimate atmosphere where each dish tells a story. NOMADS proper burgers inject creativity into the casual dining scene, offering gourmet burgers with customizable options, appealing to both traditional and adventurous tastes. La Bodega de Jandia, with its traditional Spanish fare and charming ambiance, brings a taste of Spain to the shores of Fuerteventura.

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Morro del Jable, Spain FAQs

Morro del Jable is known for its beautiful beaches, including Playa de Cofete and Playa del Matorral. It also houses attractions like the Turtle Nursery and Pico de las Zarzas. The town offers a mix of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences.

The most common way to reach Morro del Jable is by flying into Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) and then taking a transfer or rental car to the town. There are also bus services available for transportation within the island.

Morro del Jable offers a range of accommodations. Some popular options include Hotel Riu Calypso, IFA Altamarena by Lopesan Hotels, and Villas Monte Solana, each providing unique experiences catering to different preferences.

Morro del Jable offers diverse dining experiences. El Pellizco, NOMADS proper burgers, and La Bodega de Jandia are highly recommended for their unique culinary offerings, from Mediterranean fusion to gourmet burgers and traditional Spanish cuisine.

Nearby attractions include Cofete Beach, Jandía Natural Park, Casa de los Coroneles, and Sotavento Beach. These destinations provide opportunities for nature exploration, cultural experiences, and enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

Morro del Jable offers a range of outdoor activities, including water sports such as snorkeling and windsurfing, hiking to places like Pico de las Zarzas, and enjoying the natural beauty of the beaches and landscapes.

Yes, Morro del Jable is family-friendly. The Turtle Nursery, beaches like Playa del Matorral, and the relaxed atmosphere of the town make it suitable for family vacations.

The best time to visit Morro del Jable is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) when the weather is pleasant, and tourist crowds are not at their peak. However, the Canary Islands generally have mild temperatures throughout the year.

Morro del Jable occasionally hosts local cultural events and festivals. It's advisable to check the local event calendar for any festivities, concerts, or cultural activities taking place during your visit.

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