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Coast Guard Beach | Best Beach in Cape Cod (Eastham) MA

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Do you want to experience one of the best beaches in Cape Cod (Eastham) MA? Then look no further than Coast Guard Beach! This stunning gem offers some of the most breathtaking views found on the East Coast. In addition, it provides a safe, clean atmosphere for swimming, fishing, and all sorts of beach fun.

Whether you’re looking for an ideal spot to relax and soak up some sun or a place to get active with friends and family alike, this picturesque location will surely deliver. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Coast Guard Beach so extraordinary.

About Coast Guard Beach & Its Locations

Coast Guard Beach is tucked away within Cape Cod’s national seashore along the Atlantic shoreline in Eastham, Massachusetts. The beach got its name from being a favorite summer destination for families of United State Coast Guardsmen stationed nearby.

Many visitors to Massachusetts enjoy Coast Guard Beach for its peaceful dunes and pristine stretches of white sandy beaches. The view from the shoreline is breathtaking with sparkling surf and a wide variety of wildlife to observe.

Anyone who has experienced Coastal Guard Beach will be sure to come back to this hidden gem on Cape Cod again and again.

How to Reach Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach is located in the Cape Cod National Seashore in Eastham, Massachusetts. The best way to reach the beach is by car, as there is a large parking lot available for visitors. The address for the parking lot is 40 Nauset Road, Eastham, MA 02642.

You can also take the shuttle bus from Salt Pond Visitor Center (50 Nauset Road, Eastham, MA 02642) during the peak season.

Public transportation is also available, The CapeFLYER train service runs from Boston to Cape Cod during the summer months and stops in Eastham. From there, you can take a shuttle bus or taxi to the beach.

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What is Coast Guard Beach known for?

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Coast Guard Beach is a well-known beach along the coastline of Cape Cod. What it’s known for most of all is its incredible surf and waves, making it an ideal place for both surfing and boogie boarding.

Additionally, the beach offers easy access to several amenities including bathrooms, showers, picnic tables with umbrellas and grills, as well as camping options. 

Activities and Things to do in Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach is the perfect spot for a vacation full of outdoor activities and fun. You can spend time splashing in the waves of this gorgeous beach, go kayaking in the calm, blue waters or cast a line out and see if you can reel in some fresh seafood.

Take a walk down the pier and make sure to bring your binoculars to see if you can spot any dolphins or whales playing nearby.

Relax with friends or family on a picnic blanket while you soak up that sunshine, unwind with a good book or take advantage of one of the many guided tours available that will take you offshore fishing, historical sightseeing, and more.

Whether it’s soaking up those ocean vibes among the dunes, or exploring what’s beyond the sea, Coast Guard Beach has something for everyone.

Some Beautiful pictures of Coast Guard Beach?

Accommodations Facilities

Cozy and inviting, accommodations facilities in Coast Guard Beach offer a comfortable and convenient home away from home. With many different styles of rooms, guests can enjoy staying in quaint beach cottages, luxury resorts, and inns all within walking distance of the shore.

Many of these facilities feature amenities like outdoor heated pools and hot tubs, on-site spas, fireplaces, and fully equipped kitchens. Step away from the daily grind yet still enjoy the amenities you rely on – welcome to Coast Guard Beach accommodations!

Food and Drink to Eat

Cape Cod is known for its seafood, and visitors to Coast Guard Beach can find a wide variety of seafood restaurants and clam shacks in the area that serve fresh seafood caught locally.

Some popular seafood dishes to try in the area include lobster, clam chowder, fried clams, and scallops. In addition to seafood, there are also many casual eateries and take-out joints that serve sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs.

You could also consider trying some of the local specialties like Cape Cod Cranberry Juice, Cape Cod Sea Salt, and Cape Cod Potato Chips.

If you want to bring your food, it’s a good idea to pack a picnic lunch with sandwiches, fruit, and drinks to enjoy on the beach.

Things To Avoid

Some activities should be avoided to ensure this coastal paradise is protected for generations.

  • Swimming close to the rocks, feeding wild animals, and collecting flowers or shells are all appreciated nature experiences but should be done in moderation, as removing plants from their natural environment can disrupt the delicate balance of marine life.
  • Respectful surroundings also involve leaving what you find and disposing of trash responsibly by using the on-site bins.
  • By being mindful of our actions and appreciating nature without taking from it, we can help preserve Coast Guard Beach for years to come.


Coast Guard Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Cape Cod. The beach has been consistently voted as one of the best beaches in the US, and it is easy to see why. With its sugar-white sand, stunning views, and crystal-clear water, Coast Guard Beach is a true paradise. If you are looking for a perfect place to relax and soak up some rays, be sure to check out Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA.

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Coast Guard Beach Map Locations

Coast Guard Beach FAQ

24 hours a day

Coast Guard Beach is an unbelievably beautiful beach, open 24 hours a day for visitors to enjoy at any time of the day or night. A marvelously serene setting awaits you at this spectacular stretch of oceanfront coastline and there are simply no limits when it comes to enjoying its many benefits.

If you’re visiting the beautiful Coast Guard Beach, you’ll be pleased to know that they maintain affordable parking fees.

  • On a daily basis, a vehicle fee of $20 is collected,

  • While pedestrians and bicyclists can gain entry for just $3.

  • For those arriving on motorcycles, the price is slightly lower at $10.

Westerly (WST) Airport

Westerly (WST) Airport, located 17.7 miles away from the United States Coast Guard Academy Visitors Center, is the closest airport.


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