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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Ocean Grove beach | New Jersey


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Ocean Grove beach | Podcast

Do you like a beach town with hometown charm, perfect for summer days? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the beautiful boardwalk, sun-kissed beaches, and alluring attractions of Ocean Grove Beach in New Jersey. Known as one of America’s first “planned religious communities” dating back to 1869, Ocean Grove offers plenty to do and see. 

From watersports to restaurants featuring delicious local cuisine, this charming seaside destination has something for everyone! In this blog post, we’ll cover 10 reasons why it might just be time for your next vacation at Ocean Grove beach!

About Ocean Grove Beach, New Jersey

Ocean Grove beach in Monmouth County, New Jersey is a popular summer hotspot for those looking for a quiet and peaceful getaway. The sand is soft and pristine, the air is slightly salty, and the waves crash gently against the shore – creating the ultimate beach atmosphere. For those looking to stay oceanside, Ocean Grove has a great selection of condos and hotels that overlooks the water.

The boardwalk provides visitors with tons of activities, including fishing off its pier, arcade games, carnival rides, mini golf at night, sightseeing cruises along the coast, and lots more. Whether searching for a romantic escape or keen on some family fun there’s something here to please everyone during their trip To Ocean Grove beach.

How to Reach Ocean Grove beach

Ocean Grove beach in Neptune Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey is a great destination to spend some time by the sea. Getting it is relatively easy; from Route 35 in New Jersey take the Garden State Parkway south for about 25 miles until Exit 100B.

From there take a left onto Route 33 east, drive another 10 miles and take a right onto Corlies Avenue. Follow that road until it turns into Ocean Pathway and you’ll have reached your destination. 

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Reason Why Should Visit Ocean Grove beach, New Jersey


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Ocean Grove Beach in New Jersey. This beach town is full of history, culture, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit this incredible beach destination!

The Boardwalk

Stroll down the boardwalk at Ocean Grove Beach and take in the sights and sounds of the beach. Enjoy the fresh air as you take in the views of the ocean and nearby attractions. Whether you’re looking to people-watch or just relax with a good book, this boardwalk is perfect for any occasion.

The sunrise

Nothing beats watching the sunrise over the horizon at Ocean Grove Beach. Catch an early morning show while you take a walk on the beach or enjoy your favorite beverage while perched on one of their many benches scattered along the shoreline. It’s a beautiful way to start your day!

The history

Ocean Grove was founded in 1869 and has since become a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Learn about its rich history by visiting some of its historical sites such as Asbury Park Boardwalk, Great Auditorium, and more!

The Beaches

With miles of beaches, there’s something for everyone here at Ocean Grove Beach! Take advantage of their stunning white sand beaches where you can go swimming, surfing, or simply relax with a good book under an umbrella-covered lounge chair! From secluded spots to busy ones with plenty of activities going on, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

The Restaurants and Food

Enjoy delicious seafood cuisine right off the dock at one of Ocean Grove’s many restaurants or try out their amazing street food vendors who offer all kinds of goodies from tacos to ice cream sandwiches! There’s no shortage of tasty treats here so come hungry! 

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The Shopping

From trendy boutiques to souvenir shops offering up unique trinkets and memorabilia, shopping is always fun in Ocean Grove Beach! Stop by one of their local markets or explore some stores along Broadway Avenue where they offer everything from handmade jewelry to vintage clothing items!

The pier

Take a stroll down historic Pier Village and enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as well as shops filled with gifts and souvenirs that are perfect for taking home with you after your visit! Plus, don’t forget about all their amazing restaurants located right onsite too! 

The Ocean Grove Beach Activities



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Ocean grove beach in New Jersey is a great place to explore and experience the beauty of nature. The activities that you can take advantage of on the beach grounds offer plenty of choices for those looking to entertain themselves.

From kayaking and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean to bird-watching and beachcombing along the coast, there’s something suitable for everyone at this beach. With its beautiful views, ample shoreline, and exciting activities, it’s easy to see why Ocean grove Beach has long been a popular destination spot for people both near and far!

The Lighthouse

Climb up Observation Tower at Cape May Point State Park which offers stunning views overlooking both land and sea while also offering up an educational experience about lighthouses from years past including picturesque shots taken from inside it’s living quarters! 

The sunset

Standing at the ocean grove beach in New Jersey, you can witness a magnificent sunset as the sun dips beneath the horizon. The beautiful evening sky displays an array of deep orange and pink hues that mix and blend together with incredible vibrancy.

The ocean breeze is a refreshing breeze that spreads across the sand creating a peaceful atmosphere. As nightfall arrives, the evening sky gets darker until eventually, only stars remain in view above. 


There are so many reasons why Ocean Grove Beach should be your next vacation spot—and these are only few reasons why it should be near the top of your list when it comes time to pick your next getaway spot! From its endless array of activities like shopping and dining to its stunning beaches offering up incredible views during sunrise or sunset—there really is something here for everyone regardless if you’re looking for relaxation or adventure!  

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Ocean Grove beach Map Locations

Ocean Grove beach FAQ

Fortunately, the good news is that parking in public spaces near the beach is completely free. However, if you are near any residential areas or if you need premium parking spots that are closer to the beach, fees may apply – but those are few and far between. All-in-all, when it comes to parking in the area near Ocean Grove Beach, it won’t cost you much at all – if anything!

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Beach is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday through Saturday and from noon to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Newark Liberty International Airport is the closest airport to Ocean Grove beach which is just (47.0 mi) 75km and takes around 49 min via Garden State Pkwy


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