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Seychelles Islands Tourism | Guide to explore 40+ World Most Beautiful Islands in 2023

Seychelles Islands

 Are you excited to discover the stunning Seychelles Islands? these beautiful natural places are calling for you to explore. From the big island of Mahé to the quiet spots like Curieuse and Aride, there are more than 40 islands to check out.

Imagine clear blue waters, green plants, and lots of sea creatures. Let’s explore this amazing group of islands together. Each island has its special things to see and do. Get ready to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the Seychelles Islands in 2023!

IslandFamous For
ArideBirdlife and Nature Reserve
AldabraUNESCO World Heritage Site, Giant Tortoises
Alphonse AtollDiving and Fishing
AssomptionCoral Atoll and Birdlife
Astove IslandPristine Beaches and Diving
BirdSeabird Colonies and Diving
Cachée IslandRemote and Uninhabited
Chauve Souris, PraslinPrivate Island Retreat
CoetivyFormer Coconut Plantation
ConceptionUninhabited with Lush Vegetation
CousineEco-Friendly Island and Birdlife
CurieuseGiant Tortoises and Red Earth
D ArrosExclusive Island Retreat
DenisLuxury Resort and Snorkeling
DesrochesLuxury Tourism and Lagoon
Eden Island, SeychellesResidential and Commercial Development
Eve Island, SeychellesEco-Friendly Development
FarquharFishing and Pristine Ecosystem
Farquhar GroupRemote and Scenic Atolls
FelicitePrivate Island Resort and Marine Conservation
FregateLuxury Eco-Tourism
Grande SoeurLuxury Eco-Tourism
Ile AnonymeSmall Granite Island
Ile au CerfGolf and Beach Activities
Ile du NordPrivate Island
La DigueUnique Granite Formations and Beaches
L’Islette IslandGranite Island with Historical Sites
MahéMain Island with Capital and Beaches
MariannePrivate Island Resort
Marie-LouiseUninhabited and Pristine
Mamelles IslandTurtle Sanctuary and Snorkeling
Petite SoeurSister Island to Grande Soeur
PlatteDiving and Snorkeling
PraslinPristine Beaches and Vallee de Mai
Providence IslandCoral Reef and Diving
RemireSmall Granite Island
Romainville Island, SeychellesFormer Leper Colony
Round IslandPristine Coral and Snorkeling
Saint PierreSnorkeling and Diving
Saint-FrancoisPrivate Island Retreat
Sainte Anne IslandLuxury Resort and Marine Park
Silhouette IslandBiodiversity and Mountain Hiking
Souris IslandPrivate Island Retreat
St. Pierre IslandSnorkeling and Diving
ThereseSecluded and Uninhabited Island
Vache IslandPrivate Island Retreat

 Aride Island – Nature Sanctuary in Seychelles

Aride Island

Aride Island, the northernmost granitic island in Seychelles, stands as a pristine nature sanctuary managed by the Island Conservation Society. Its untouched landscapes and diverse ecosystems make it a haven for conservation and exploration.

Location: Aride Island is the northernmost granitic island in Seychelles.

Nature Reserve: Aride Island’s status as a nature reserve underscores its importance in preserving Seychelles’ natural treasures. Its ecosystems thrive undisturbed, offering a glimpse into the archipelago’s rich biodiversity.

Conservation Efforts: The Island Conservation Society of Seychelles plays a vital role in managing and protecting Aride Island. Their efforts ensure that the island remains a sanctuary for flora and fauna.

Aldabra – Coral Atoll Wonder


Aldabra, the world’s second-largest coral atoll, stands as a testament to Seychelles’ unique geological formations and marine diversity. This remote wonder, part of the Aldabra Group in the Outer Islands, captivates with its pristine landscapes.

Location: Aldabra is situated southeast of the continent of Africa and is part of the Outer Islands of Seychelles.

Coral Atoll Splendor: Aldabra’s atoll formation, with its expansive lagoon and surrounding coral reefs, creates a marine paradise. Its diverse marine life and crystal-clear waters invite exploration.

Conservation and Isolation: The isolation of Aldabra contributes to its pristine condition. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is protected to ensure the preservation of its unique ecosystems.

Alphonse Atoll – Atoll Beauty in Alphonse Group


Alphonse Atoll, part of the Alphonse Group in the Outer Islands coral archipelago, exemplifies Seychelles’ atoll beauty. With its stunning landscapes and connection to the surrounding ocean, the atoll offers a tranquil escape.

Location: Alphonse Atoll is one of the two atolls in the Alphonse Group of the Outer Islands.

Atoll Allure: Alphonse Atoll’s circular form and coral landscapes create an idyllic setting. Its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and abundant marine life make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Oceanic Paradise: The atoll’s connection to the surrounding ocean allows for diverse marine activities. Diving, snorkeling, and exploring the underwater wonders are key attractions for visitors.

Assomption Island – Tranquil Coral Beauty

Assomption Island

Assumption Island, a small coral island in the Outer Islands, showcases the allure of Seychelles’ tranquil coral formations. With its remote charm and natural landscapes, the island promises an escape into serenity.

Location: Assumption Island is situated north of Madagascar in the Outer Islands of Seychelles.

Coral Oasis: Assumption Island’s coral makeup and remote location contribute to its pristine condition. Its sandy beaches and turquoise waters create a serene ambiance for travelers.

Natural Retreat: The island’s distance from the hustle and bustle of daily life invites relaxation and immersion in nature. Assumption Island offers an escape to untouched beauty.

Astove Island – Aldabra Group Gem

Astove Island

Astove Island, part of the Aldabra Group in the Outer Islands, captures the essence of Seychelles’ outer regions. With its large atoll formation and rich marine life, the island offers an immersive experience.

Location: Astove Island is located in the Outer Islands of Seychelles.

Atoll Exploration: Astove Atoll’s large formation and connection to the Aldabra Group create a haven for exploration. Its diverse marine ecosystems make it a paradise for divers and nature enthusiasts.

Marine Wonderland: The island’s distance from the mainland ensures an environment where marine life thrives. Diving, snorkeling, and observing the underwater wonders define the Astove Island experience.

Bird Island – Avian Sanctuary and Coral Beauty

Bird Island

Bird Island, the northernmost island in the Seychelles archipelago, stands as a paradise for birdlife and marine enthusiasts. Its coral island charm, abundant avian species, and unique marine life create a memorable Seychellois experience.

Location: Bird Island is situated 100 kilometers from Mahe.

Birdlife Haven: Bird Island’s name is a testament to its significance as a haven for avian species. Sooty terns, fairy terns, common noddies, hawksbill turtles, and green turtles are just some of the island’s inhabitants.

Marine Diversity: Beyond its birdlife, Bird Island offers diverse marine experiences. Its coral formations, marine life, and pristine beaches contribute to a holistic and immersive Seychelles adventure.

Cachée Island – Hidden Gem Behind Cerf

Cachée Island

Cachée Island, also known as Île Cachée or Faon Island, lives up to its name as a hidden gem that appears to blend with Cerf Island. Its remote and uninhabited status creates an aura of tranquility and natural beauty.

Location: Cachée Island is located about 100 meters from Cerf Island in the St. Anne Islands of Seychelles.

Hidden Presence: Cachée Island’s French name translates to “hidden,” and its unique positioning either behind Cerf Island or appearing as part of Cerf Island adds to its mystique.

Secluded Ambiance: The remote and uninhabited nature of Cachée Island ensures a sense of seclusion and tranquility. Its proximity to Cerf Island offers opportunities for exploration and a closer look at Seychelles’ natural beauty.

Chauve Souris, Praslin – Exclusive Private Retreat

Chauve Souris Island, nestled northeast of Praslin, offers an exclusive private island retreat that harmonizes tropical forests with luxury accommodations. This island stands as a haven for travelers seeking an intimate escape.

Location: Chauve Souris Island is situated 400 meters northeast of Praslin, with Saint-Pierre Island located immediately to the north.

Private Island Experience: Chauve Souris Island’s allure lies in its status as a private island retreat. The blend of granite landscapes and lush tropical forests creates an intimate ambiance for guests.

Tropical Tranquility: The island’s setting invites relaxation and exploration. Its connection to the surrounding ocean and neighboring islands adds to the sense of immersion in nature.

Coetivy Island – Tranquil Coconut Plantation History

Coëtivy Island, once a coconut plantation, serves as a testament to Seychelles’ history and natural beauty. Located in the Southern Coral Group and part of the Outer Islands, the island offers a tranquil escape.

Location: Coëtivy Island is situated 290 kilometers south of Mahé and is part of the Southern Coral Group in Seychelles.

Historical Significance: The island’s history as a former coconut plantation adds depth to its charm. It serves as a reminder of Seychelles’ agricultural past and the way of life that once thrived here.

Natural Retreat: Coëtivy Island’s location within the Outer Islands ensures an environment of tranquility and connection to nature. Its coral landscapes and lush vegetation provide an immersive experience.

Conception Island – Lush Vegetation and Uninhabited Tranquility

Conception Island, characterized by its lush vegetation and uninhabited status, offers a tranquil escape into Seychelles’ untouched beauty. This island is a haven for travelers seeking serenity and natural wonders.

Location: Conception Island is uninhabited and located within Seychelles’ pristine environment.

Uninhabited Oasis: The absence of human habitation on Conception Island ensures an environment where nature thrives undisturbed. Travelers can immerse themselves in the island’s pristine landscapes.

Lush Beauty: Conception Island’s lush vegetation contributes to its allure. It’s a haven for those seeking a retreat surrounded by greenery and the soothing sounds of nature.

Cousine Island – Eco-Friendly Luxury and Avian Sanctuary

Cousine Island, a small granitic island, seamlessly blends eco-friendly luxury with the preservation of birdlife. With its unique combination of a luxury resort and a nature preserve, the island offers a holistic experience.

Location: Cousine Island is located 6 kilometers west of Praslin Island in Seychelles.

Eco-Friendly Luxury: Cousine Island’s appeal lies in its commitment to sustainable practices while offering luxury accommodations. Travelers can indulge in high-end amenities while respecting the environment.

Birdlife Sanctuary: The island’s dedication to preserving birdlife underscores its role as a sanctuary. The harmonious coexistence of luxury and nature contributes to a unique Seychellois experience.

Curieuse Island – Tortoise Haven and Earthy Charm

Curieuse Island, close to the north coast of Praslin, captivates with its giant tortoises and the unique blend of bare red earth and coco de mer palms. This island is a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking Seychelles’ iconic wonders.

Location: Curieuse Island is situated close to the north coast of Praslin in Seychelles.

Giant Tortoise Sanctuary: Curieuse Island is notable for being home to giant tortoises, one of Seychelles’ most beloved icons. Visitors can observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Earthy Beauty: The island’s bare red earth, intermingled with the distinctive coco de mer palms, creates a unique charm. This blend of natural elements defines Curieuse Island’s identity.

D’Arros Island

D’Arros Island

D’Arros Island, part of the Amirante Islands group within Seychelles’ Outer Islands coral archipelago, offers a blend of untouched nature and tranquil relaxation. The island’s remote location and pristine landscapes make it a destination for those seeking serenity amidst natural beauty.

Location: D’Arros Island lies west of the granitic Inner Seychelles archipelago, approximately 255 km south of Victoria, Seychelles.

Untouched Beauty: The allure of D’Arros Island is its untouched beauty. With limited human impact, the island’s landscapes include lush vegetation, pristine beaches, and azure waters, creating a paradise for nature lovers.

Island Exploration: Visitors to D’Arros can explore its various facets, from the diverse plant life to the surrounding marine environment. Snorkeling and diving reveal vibrant coral reefs, a rich underwater world, and the opportunity to encounter marine creatures.

Remote Retreat: The island’s remote location enhances its sense of seclusion, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an escape from the demands of modern life. D’Arros Island offers a chance to disconnect and rejuvenate.

Denis Island

Denis Island, the second northeasternmost island in the Seychelles, captures the essence of tropical splendor and laid-back luxury. Its pristine landscapes and exclusive atmosphere create a haven for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Location: Denis Island is situated 60 kilometers north of Mahé and lies at the northern edge of the Seychelles bank, along with the nearby Bird Island, which is the northernmost Seychelles island.

Tropical Paradise: The island’s charm lies in its tropical paradise setting. From its powdery white beaches to its lush interior, Denis Island exudes the natural beauty that Seychelles is renowned for.

Exclusivity and Luxury: With limited accommodations, Denis Island offers an intimate and exclusive experience. Its luxury resorts provide a range of amenities that cater to travelers seeking indulgence in a serene environment.

Bountiful Nature: The island’s surroundings are rich in biodiversity, from its vibrant coral reefs to its verdant landscapes. Snorkeling, diving, and nature walks offer opportunities to witness the diverse ecosystems that thrive here.

Desroches Island


Desroches Island, the main island of the Amirante Islands in Seychelles’ Outer Islands, is a destination that epitomizes luxury tourism and natural beauty. Its pristine shores, azure waters, and upscale offerings create a harmonious blend of relaxation and adventure.

Location: Desroches Island is located 227 kilometers southwest of Victoria, Seychelles.

Luxury Tourism: Desroches Island is synonymous with luxury tourism. Exclusive resorts offer unparalleled accommodations, personalized service, and a range of leisure activities that cater to discerning travelers.

Beach Paradise: The island’s 13-kilometer circumference is embraced by a beach of fine sand. This coastline provides the perfect backdrop for unwinding, strolling along the shores, and enjoying breathtaking sunsets.

Marine Exploration: Beyond its shores, Desroches Island offers diverse marine exploration opportunities. Snorkeling and diving unveil captivating coral reefs, underwater ecosystems, and encounters with marine life such as turtles and rays.

Eden Island, Seychelles

Eden Island, an artificial marvel within Seychelles, seamlessly combines modern luxury with natural beauty. Situated just 3.5 kilometers from the capital city of Victoria, this island offers a unique blend of convenience and elegance.

Artificial Island Creation: Eden Island stands as a testament to human ingenuity. Crafted through careful engineering and planning, the island’s creation showcases the possibilities of harmonizing development with the surrounding environment.

Modern Luxury: Eden Island boasts a range of modern amenities and luxurious accommodations. Its exclusive residences, resorts, and facilities provide an upscale escape for travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

Proximity to Victoria: The island’s strategic location, a short distance from the capital city of Victoria, offers visitors the opportunity to explore urban attractions, cultural landmarks, and Seychellois hospitality with ease.

Marine Lifestyle: Eden Island’s design emphasizes its relationship with the ocean. Its marina, waterways, and waterfront properties create a seamless connection to marine leisure activities, such as yachting and boating.

Eve Island, Seychelles

Eve Island

Eve Island, nestled within Seychelles’ archipelago, offers a small yet enchanting escape characterized by its natural allure and serene ambiance.

Location: Eve Island lies east of Praslin and west of Round Island, Seychelles.

Tranquil Oasis: The island’s relatively compact size enhances its sense of tranquility. Its pristine beaches, lush vegetation, and azure waters come together to create a serene haven for relaxation.

Escape to Nature: Eve Island’s limited development allows visitors to experience Seychelles’ natural beauty in its purest form. The absence of large-scale tourism ensures a connection with the environment without intrusion.

Exploration and Discovery: With an area of 0.29 km², Eve Island offers opportunities for exploration on a manageable scale. Visitors can embark on leisurely walks, take in panoramic views, and discover the island’s hidden corners.

Secluded Retreat: For those seeking a respite from the demands of daily life, Eve Island offers a secluded retreat. Its intimate setting and untouched landscapes provide a canvas for rejuvenation and immersion in nature.

Farquhar Island

Farquhar Island, situated as part of the Farquhar Group in Seychelles’ Outer Islands, beckons travelers with its remote charm and unspoiled beauty. Nestled in the southwestern region of the island nation, the Farquhar Group stands as an oasis of natural wonder far from the bustling capital city.

Location: Farquhar Island is located more than 700 kilometers southwest of the capital, Victoria, on Mahé Island.

Outer Island Escape: The Farquhar Group, to which Farquhar Island belongs, is synonymous with the allure of Seychelles’ Outer Islands. Its pristine landscapes, turquoise waters, and untouched shorelines offer an exclusive escape for adventurers seeking solitude.

Untamed Beauty: Farquhar Island’s untouched beauty is a tribute to nature’s artistry. With limited human presence, its landscapes range from lush vegetation to idyllic beaches, providing an unspoiled canvas for exploration.

Diverse Marine Life: The surrounding waters are teeming with marine biodiversity, making Farquhar Island a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Coral reefs, marine creatures, and underwater landscapes await those who venture beneath the waves.

Farquhar Group

The Farquhar Group, part of Seychelles’ Outer Islands, comprises islands that collectively embody the essence of tropical paradise and natural abundance. This archipelago within an archipelago holds the promise of untouched beauty and marine discovery.

Location: The Farquhar Atoll, which is part of the Farquhar Group, is situated 770 kilometers southwest of the capital, Victoria, on Mahé Island.

Outer Island Sanctuary: The Farquhar Group serves as a sanctuary for those seeking isolation in the embrace of nature. Its remote location and limited development offer a pristine environment for relaxation and exploration.

Marine Exploration: The atoll’s rich marine ecosystems beckon divers and ocean enthusiasts. Its coral reefs, underwater habitats, and diverse marine life contribute to the group’s significance as a marine haven.

Natural Diversity: The Farquhar Group’s islands host a variety of flora and fauna, showcasing Seychelles’ rich biodiversity. The chance to observe native and migratory species creates an immersive connection with nature.

Félicité Island

Félicité Island, located just 4 kilometers east of La Digue in Seychelles, is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of lush forests and pristine coastlines. This granitic island embodies the spirit of Seychellois nature and history.

Location: Félicité Island is situated east of La Digue in the Seychelles archipelago.

Forest Enclave: The island’s dense forested landscapes offer a glimpse into Seychelles’ natural splendor. Native flora thrives in this untouched environment, creating a habitat for a variety of plant and animal species.

Historical Transformation: Once a coconut plantation with a population of about 50 in the 1970s, Félicité Island has transformed. Today, its natural beauty takes center stage, and its history is woven into the fabric of its landscapes.

Granitic Charm: Félicité Island is one of the granitic gems that define the Seychelles archipelago. Its rugged beauty, white sandy beaches, and vibrant marine life contribute to its allure.

Frégate Island

Frégate Island, the easternmost of the granitic Inner Islands in Seychelles, seamlessly blends luxury with environmental stewardship. This island is an exemplar of how travel and conservation can harmoniously coexist.

Location: Frégate Island is part of Seychelles’ granitic Inner Islands.

Luxurious Retreat: The island’s primary reputation is its exclusive private luxury resort operated by the Oetker Collection. The resort offers high-end accommodations and services, while its initiatives fund environmental programs that restore habitat and protect rare species.

Environmental Restoration: Frégate Island’s luxury tourism model supports conservation efforts. Its commitment to restoring habitat and protecting endemic species showcases the power of responsible travel in preserving delicate ecosystems.

Granitic Wonder: As one of the granitic Inner Islands, Frégate Island showcases the unique landscapes that have made Seychelles a tropical paradise. Its beaches, rock formations, and verdant interiors contribute to its allure.

Grande Soeur Island – Natural Beauty and Privacy

Grande Soeur Island

Grande Soeur Island, also known as Big Sister or East Sister, is a captivating gem within the Seychelles archipelago that boasts natural beauty, exclusivity, and an untouched allure. Nestled to the north of La Digue, this granitic island is part of the Iles Soeurs along with Petite Soeur, and it stands as a testament to the enchanting landscapes that define Seychelles.

Location: Grande Soeur Island is located north of La Digue in the Seychelles archipelago.

Natural Splendor: Covered with lush tropical forests, Grande Soeur Island showcases the vibrant biodiversity that flourishes in Seychelles. Its dense foliage, endemic flora, and native fauna create an immersive experience for those who explore its landscapes.

Exclusive Privacy: The island’s private ownership enhances its sense of exclusivity. Visitors to Grande Soeur have the opportunity to revel in a tranquil escape, free from the crowds and noise of larger tourist destinations.

Unspoiled Beaches: The island’s shores are adorned with pristine beaches, inviting visitors to unwind against the backdrop of turquoise waters and golden sands. The absence of development contributes to a feeling of being truly immersed in nature.

 Anonyme Island  – Tranquil Escape Near Mahé

Anonyme, or Anonyme Island, stands as a peaceful retreat near Mahé, offering a secluded escape surrounded by the beauty of the Seychelles. Nestled just 700 meters off the east coast of Mahé, this small granitic island invites travelers to embrace its tranquility.

Location: Ile Anonyme is located 700 meters off the east coast of Mahé, near the runway of the Seychelles International Airport.

Secluded Sanctuary: The island’s name, meaning “Anonymous Island,” captures its essence as a hidden sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. Its proximity to Mahé makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a brief escape.

Unspoiled Beauty: Ile Anonyme’s unspoiled landscapes, encompassing lush vegetation and inviting beaches, showcase the natural allure of Seychelles. The absence of crowds enhances the feeling of being immersed in a pristine environment.

Cerf Island – Coastal Serenity Off Mahé


Cerf Island, lying 4 kilometers off the northeast coast of Mahé, invites travelers to embrace coastal serenity and natural beauty. This island’s idyllic charm and proximity to Mahé make it a coveted destination for relaxation.

Location: Ile au Cerf is situated 4 kilometers off the northeast coast of Mahé.

Coastal Retreat: The island’s tranquil ambiance and inviting shores create a haven for those seeking relaxation. Its beaches, fringed by turquoise waters, beckon visitors to unwind against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Mahé’s Neighbor: Ile au Cerf’s proximity to Mahé ensures that travelers can easily escape the mainland and immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty and seclusion.

North Island – Tranquil Granitic Island

Ile du Nord, a small granitic island in Seychelles, stands as a testament to the diverse beauty that defines the archipelago. With its tropical charm and inviting landscapes, the island offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking respite.

Location:  North Island is located within Seychelles.

Natural Splendor: The island’s granitic features and tropical vegetation showcase the unique landscapes that make Seychelles a tropical paradise. Its beaches, flora, and fauna create an environment that invites exploration.

La Digue – Beaches and Diverse Wildlife

La Digue

La Digue, an island in the Seychelles archipelago, captivates with its stunning beaches, unique granite boulders, and rich biodiversity. This island is a blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage, offering a holistic experience for visitors.

Location: La Digue is located in the Indian Ocean off East Africa.

Beach Beauty: La Digue is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, including the iconic Anse Source d’Argent. The presence of granite boulders adds a unique touch to these shores, creating picturesque landscapes.

Diverse Wildlife: The Veuve Nature Reserve on La Digue is home to the Seychelles paradise flycatcher, locally known as the “Veuve.” This reserve showcases the island’s commitment to conserving its unique wildlife.

Scenic Exploration: La Digue invites travelers to explore its diverse landscapes, from the captivating granite formations to the protected bays and isolated beaches accessible only on foot

L’Islette Island – Granite Beauty near Mahe

L’Islette Island, located just 120 meters from the eastern coast of Mahe, stands as a granite beauty adorned with tropical vegetation. This island’s proximity to Mahe makes it a delightful escape that showcases Seychelles’ natural splendor.

Location: L’Islette Island is situated near the eastern coast of Mahe, in the bay of Port Glaud.

Granite Elegance: The island’s granite formations create an elegant backdrop against the lush tropical vegetation. Its landscapes capture the essence of Seychelles’ granitic beauty.

Bay of Port Glaud: L’Islette Island’s location within the bay of Port Glaud adds to its allure. The bay’s calm waters and serene ambiance enhance the island’s reputation as a tranquil oasis.

Mahé – The Heart of Seychelles


Mahé, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, is a captivating destination that serves as the heart of this Indian Ocean paradise. Boasting a rich blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant urban life, Mahé offers a holistic experience for travelers.

Location: Mahé is located in the Indian Ocean off East Africa.

Diverse Terrain: Mahé’s terrain is a tapestry of landscapes. From its iconic white-sand beaches, exemplified by the popular resort area of Beau Vallon, to the granite peaks, including the lushly forested Morne Seychellois, the island captivates with its contrasts.

Cultural Hub: Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, resides on Mahé. This city is a melting pot of cultures, evident in its Creole architecture, lively atmosphere, and colorful covered market where fish, fruit, clothing, and more are traded.

Natural Wonders: Mahé’s Morne Seychellois National Park is a sanctuary of biodiversity. The diverse flora and fauna, along with hiking trails and panoramic viewpoints, provide opportunities to connect with nature.

Marianne Island – Granitic Beauty

Marianne Island, a small granitic gem within Seychelles, showcases the inherent beauty of these unique rock formations while providing an intimate escape into nature.

Location: Marianne Island is located 3.8 kilometers ESE of Félicité Island.

Granite Elegance: As a granitic island, Marianne showcases the majestic granite formations that are emblematic of Seychelles. These rugged formations, combined with lush vegetation, create captivating landscapes.

Intimate Retreat: With its small size and limited development, Marianne Island offers an intimate retreat. The chance to unwind in a serene environment away from crowds is one of the island’s defining features.

Marie-Louise Island – Coral Beauty in the Amirantes

Marie-Louise Islan
Marie-Louise Islan

Marie-Louise Island, situated within the Amirantes group of Seychelles’ Outer Islands, enchants with its low-lying coral landscapes and the allure of the Indian Ocean.

Location: Marie-Louise Island is located 308 kilometers southwest of Victoria, Seychelles.

Coral Ecosystems: The island’s coral makeup is a departure from the granitic islands that Seychelles is known for. Its low-lying form is embraced by the rich coral ecosystems that thrive in the surrounding waters.

Amirantes Charm: Marie-Louise Island is part of the Amirantes group, a collection of islands that showcases the diversity of Seychelles’ outer regions. Its remote location contributes to a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

Mamelles Island – Uninhabited Oasis

Mamelles Island, located 14 kilometers northeast of Mahe, stands as an uninhabited oasis of natural beauty and tranquility.

Location: Mamelles Island is situated northeast of Mahe.

Untouched Beauty: The absence of human habitation on Mamelles Island has allowed its landscapes to remain untouched. Its natural allure, combined with its isolation, creates an escape into nature.

Tranquil Ambiance: Mamelles Island’s uninhabited status contributes to its tranquil ambiance. The island’s serene environment invites visitors to embrace solitude and unwind amidst its shores and greenery.

Petite Soeur Island – Secluded Granitic Retreat

Petite Soeur Island
Petite Soeur Island

Petite Soeur Island, also known as Small Sister or West Sister, offers an exclusive escape into the heart of Seychelles’ natural beauty. With its granitic landscapes and private ownership, the island promises tranquility and charm.

Location: Petite Soeur Island is located north of La Digue in the Seychelles archipelago.

Iles Soeurs Partner: Petite Soeur, alongside Grande Soeur, forms a part of the Iles Soeurs, or Sister Islands. This duo encapsulates Seychelles’ granitic allure and secluded charm.

Natural Tranquility: Covered in tropical forests, Petite Soeur Island exudes the lushness that defines Seychelles’ natural beauty. The absence of large-scale tourism allows visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s pristine landscapes.

Exclusivity: Privately owned, Petite Soeur Island epitomizes exclusivity. Its limited accessibility contributes to a feeling of seclusion and an opportunity for travelers to enjoy solitude.

Platte Island – Coral Beauty in the Southern Coral Group

Platte Island, situated within the Southern Coral Group of Seychelles’ Outer Islands, stands as a coral beauty that showcases the diversity of the archipelago’s landscapes.

Location: Platte Island is part of the Southern Coral Group and the Outer Islands of Seychelles.

Coral Charm: Platte Island’s coral makeup distinguishes it from the granitic islands that Seychelles is renowned for. Its coastal beauty and marine ecosystems contribute to the island’s allure.

Island Diversity: Platte Island’s presence within the Southern Coral Group highlights the range of landscapes that Seychelles encompasses, from granitic formations to the coral ecosystems that thrive in the surrounding waters.

Praslin – Island of Palm-Fringed Beaches


Praslin, a celebrated island within the Seychelles archipelago, captivates with its palm-fringed beaches, unique granite boulders, and vibrant coastal ambiance. This island is a blend of natural wonders and cultural charm.

Location: Praslin is situated in the Indian Ocean.

Beach Paradise: Praslin is renowned for its stunning palm-fringed beaches, including the iconic Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. These beaches, bordered by granite boulders, create picturesque coastal landscapes.

Coastal Elegance: Anse Volbert-Côte D’Or, the main beach on Praslin, boasts golden sands and azure waters. It faces the offshore islet Chauve Souris, adding to the island’s coastal elegance.

Natural and Cultural Blend: Praslin is not only a haven of natural beauty but also a place where cultural heritage thrives. Its allure lies in the coexistence of its unique landscapes and vibrant local life.

Providence Island – Atoll Gem in the Farquhar Group

Providence Island, part of the Farquhar Group in Seychelles’ Outer Islands, stands as an atoll gem that showcases the remote beauty of this archipelago. With its unique setting and connection to nearby Cerf Island, Providence Island invites exploration.

Location: Providence Island is part of the Farquhar Group and the Outer Islands, located 705 kilometers southwest of the capital, Victoria, on Mahé Island.

Atoll Charms: Providence Island’s presence as part of an atoll highlights Seychelles’ diverse island formations. The atoll’s unique features contribute to a sense of adventure and discovery.

Farquhar Group Connection: Providence Island’s location within the Farquhar Group places it in a cluster of islands that offer a range of experiences, from natural beauty to marine exploration.

Remire Island – Outer Island Charisma

Remire Island

Remire Island, also known as Eagle Island, captures the essence of Seychelles’ Outer Islands with its remote charm and natural allure. This island, located south of Victoria, promises an escape into unspoiled beauty.

Location: Remire Island is situated in the Outer Islands of Seychelles, with a distance of 245 kilometers south of Victoria.

Outer Island Serenity: Remire Island stands as a testament to the allure of Seychelles’ outer regions. Its remote location and limited development create an environment where nature takes center stage.

Natural Beauty: The island’s landscapes, adorned with tropical vegetation and fringed by turquoise waters, exemplify the untouched beauty that defines Seychelles’ appeal.

Romainville Island – Urban Retreat in Seychelles

Romainville Island, an artificial marvel in Seychelles, seamlessly combines modern convenience with urban charm. Located just 2 kilometers from the capital Victoria, this island offers an escape that balances natural beauty with accessibility.

Location: Romainville Island is situated 2 kilometers from the capital Victoria.

Modern Oasis: Romainville Island’s creation as an artificial island showcases the possibilities of harmonizing urban living with Seychelles’ natural beauty. Its facilities and accommodations offer modern comforts for travelers.

Urban Convenience: The island’s proximity to Victoria allows visitors to easily access the city’s attractions, cultural landmarks, and urban amenities.

Round Island – Seychellois Hospitality and Nature

Round Island, nestled on the northeastern shores of Mahe, encapsulates Seychellois hospitality and the charm of island life. With its unique history and luxurious resort, the island offers an immersive experience.

Location: Round Island is located on the northeastern shores of Mahe.

Seychellois Family Legacy: Round Island’s story is deeply intertwined with a Seychellois family that purchased the island in 2005. Their vision led to the establishment of the Enchanted Island Resort, showcasing Seychellois hospitality.

Luxurious Resort: The Enchanted Island Resort on Round Island offers a luxurious escape for travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities.

Nature and Relaxation: The island’s connection to the surrounding ocean, combined with its lush landscapes, creates a backdrop for relaxation and connection with nature.

Saint Pierre Island – Enchanting Raised Reef Island

Saint Pierre Island, a raised reef island west of Providence Atoll and part of the Farquhar Group, invites travelers to experience the allure of Seychelles’ outer regions. With its unique geological formation and remote charm, the island promises an enchanting escape.

Location: Saint Pierre Island is located west of Providence Atoll, belonging to the Farquhar Group and the Outer Islands of Seychelles. Its distance from the capital, Victoria, is approximately 736 kilometers southwest of Mahé Island.

Raised Reef Elegance: Saint Pierre Island’s raised reef formation contributes to its distinctive landscapes. This geological feature creates an elevated setting that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Indian Ocean.

Farquhar Group Gem: As part of the Farquhar Group, Saint Pierre Island is surrounded by the diverse beauty that characterizes Seychelles’ outer regions. Its remote location ensures an experience of seclusion and untouched landscapes.

Saint-Francois Atoll – Atoll Beauty in Alphonse Group

Saint-Francois Atoll, nestled within the Alphonse Group of the Outer Islands, captures the essence of Seychelles’ atoll formations and marine charm.

Location: Saint-Francois Atoll is one of the two atolls of the Alphonse Group in the Seychelles’ Outer Islands.

Atoll Splendor: Saint-Francois Atoll’s circular form, fringed by coral reefs, is a hallmark of Seychelles’ atoll beauty. The surrounding waters host diverse marine life and provide opportunities for exploration.

Marine Paradise: The atoll’s connection to the surrounding ocean makes it a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Its underwater world, teeming with vibrant coral formations and marine species, beckons exploration.

Sainte Anne Island – Majestic Island in Marine National Park

Sainte Anne Island, the largest of eight islands within the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, stands as a majestic showcase of Seychelles’ natural beauty. With its abundant vegetation and connection to marine life, the island offers a holistic experience.

Location: Sainte Anne Island is situated 4 kilometers off the east coast of Mahé and is part of the Mont Fleuri District of Seychelles.

National Park Gem: As part of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, the island is a protected haven for biodiversity. Its lush vegetation and surrounding waters create an immersive experience.

Natural and Marine Wonders: Sainte Anne Island boasts abundant tropical vegetation and serves as a nesting ground for marine species. Its highest peak, rising to 246 meters, offers panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding islands.

Silhouette Island – Granitic Beauty in the Northwest

Silhouette Island, located northwest of Mahé, captivates with its granitic landscapes and immersive natural beauty. As the third-largest granitic island in Seychelles, it stands as a testament to the archipelago’s diverse allure.

Location: Silhouette Island is situated 20 kilometers northwest of Mahé.

Granite and Nature: The island’s granitic formations, along with its lush vegetation, capture the quintessential Seychelles beauty. Its varied landscapes create opportunities for hiking, exploration, and relaxation.

Population and Charm: With a population of around 200, mostly workers on the island, Silhouette Island exudes a sense of serenity and community. Its remote charm promises an escape from the ordinary.

Souris Island – Tranquil Eastern Oasis

Souris Island, or Ile aux Souris, nestled on the eastern shores of Mahe, offers a tranquil oasis characterized by its elevation and proximity to the coral reefs of Anse Royale and Anse Bougainville.

Location: Souris Island lies on the eastern shores of Mahe, just inside the long line of coral reef fringing the coasts of Anse Royale and Anse Bougainville.

Elevated Beauty: With an elevation of 14 meters, Souris Island provides a vantage point to appreciate the stunning marine landscapes that Seychelles offers. Its raised position adds to the allure of the island.

Coastal Charisma: Souris Island’s proximity to the coral reefs showcases the vibrant underwater world that surrounds Seychelles. Its tranquil environment invites relaxation and exploration.

St. Pierre Island (Ile St. Pierre) – Uninhabited Curieuse Gem

St. Pierre Island, an uninhabited gem of the Seychelles archipelago, invites travelers to explore its pristine beauty and connection to the Curieuse Marine National Park.

Location: St. Pierre Island is located north of Praslin, east of Curieuse Island, and is part of the Curieuse Marine National Park.

Natural and Marine Oasis: The island’s uninhabited status ensures that its natural beauty remains unspoiled. It is surrounded by the marine treasures that thrive within the Curieuse Marine National Park.

Exploration and Tranquility: St. Pierre Island is an ideal destination for those seeking exploration, both above and below the water’s surface. Its tranquil ambiance adds to the sense of immersion in nature.

Thérèse Island – Beach Paradise with Rocky Peaks

Thérèse Island, a small island off the western coast of Mahé, is a captivating blend of pristine beaches and rocky peaks. Its natural beauty, characterized by coconut palms and unique geological formations, creates an idyllic escape.

Location: Thérèse Island is situated off the western coast of Mahé in the Seychelles.

Beach Haven: Thérèse Island’s 700-meter-long white sand beaches, fringed with coconut palms, epitomize the Seychelles’ beach paradise. The turquoise waters and gentle waves invite relaxation and exploration.

Distinctive Peaks: The island’s two rocky peaks, resembling a giant’s staircase, add a unique charm. Thérèse Peak, the tallest of these formations at 164 meters above sea level, provides panoramic views of the surrounding ocean.

Vache Island – Granite Rock Nurturing Wildlife

Vache Island, also known as Island aux Vaches Marines, stands as a granite rock covered with a delicate veil of vegetation. Nestled on the west shores of Mahe, this island serves as a vital nesting site for sea birds and showcases Seychelles’ commitment to preserving its wildlife.

Location: Vache Island is located on the west shores of Mahe in Seychelles.

Natural Gem: Despite its granite makeup and minimal vegetation, Vache Island thrives as a natural gem that plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Its status as a nesting site for seabirds highlights its importance.

Wildlife Conservation: Vache Island’s presence within Seychelles’ natural tapestry underscores the archipelago’s dedication to preserving its wildlife and fostering a sustainable environment.


The Seychelles Islands present an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. With over 40 captivating islands to explore, each offering its unique treasures, this archipelago promises unforgettable experiences. From the azure waters and white-sand beaches of Mahé to the untouched landscapes of Aride and the coral wonders of Aldabra, every corner of the Seychelles archipelago tells a story of natural splendor.

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast drawn to the giant tortoises of Curieuse or a beach lover seeking the tranquility of Petite Soeur, these islands have something special to offer. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, discover hidden coves, and witness the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the surface. The Seychelles Islands are not just a destination; they’re an invitation to connect with nature in its purest form.

As you explore the Seychelles’ natural reserves, bask in the luxury of eco-friendly accommodations on Cousine Island and uncover the history of former coconut plantations on Coëtivy Island. The Seychelles is more than a travel destination; it’s a journey of discovery, conservation, and immersion in a world where the beauty of the land and sea intertwine.

So, pack your bags, set your compass for adventure, and be ready to embrace the Seychelles Islands’ warm embrace. Whether you’re an avid explorer, a nature lover, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, these islands are waiting to reveal their wonders.  

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Seychelles Islands Most Asked Questions?

The Seychelles archipelago comprises over 100 islands, with more than 40 of them being granitic islands. Each island offers its distinct charm and attractions.

Mahé is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. It is home to the capital city, Victoria, and boasts beautiful beaches, granite peaks, and a variety of attractions.

The best time to visit the Seychelles Islands is from April to May and October to November. These periods offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making it ideal for enjoying outdoor activities and the beauty of the islands.

The Seychelles Islands offer a range of activities, including snorkeling, diving, hiking, birdwatching, and exploring nature reserves. You can also indulge in luxury accommodations, spa treatments, and cultural experiences.

Yes, the Seychelles Islands are known for their commitment to eco-tourism and sustainability. Many islands have eco-friendly resorts, and efforts are made to protect the unique ecosystems and wildlife.

Islands like Aldabra, Alphonse Atoll, and Astove Island are renowned for their rich marine life and excellent diving opportunities. The coral reefs surrounding these islands are teeming with colorful fish and other underwater wonders.

Yes, giant tortoises can be found on islands like Curieuse, Aldabra, and Praslin. These islands provide opportunities to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitats.

Yes, many of the Seychelles Islands are family-friendly and offer activities suitable for all ages. From building sandcastles on the beaches to exploring nature reserves, families can enjoy quality time together.

the Seychelles Islands continue to captivate with their untouched beauty and commitment to preserving their natural resources. Visitors can enjoy a blend of luxury, adventure, and environmental consciousness that defines the essence of the islands.


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