Experience Iconic Handara Gate Raya Singaraja-Denpasar Bali Indonesia

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Experience Iconic Handara Gate Raya Singaraja-Denpasar Bali Indonesia

Handara Gate, Image Credit= balicheapesttours

 The handara gate in the town of Singaraja, located in the province of Bali, is a popular tourist destination due to its impressive carvings. The gate was built in the 19th century by King Kertanegara and is made of wood and carved with intricate designs.

 The gate is made from wood and decorated with intricate carvings, making it an impressive sight. Visitors can enjoy a Qurbanan prayer at the gates of this mosque, or take a walk around the grounds. Whether you’re visiting for religious reasons or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery, this gate is a must-see in Bali.

History of Bali Handara Gate  

The Handara Gate was built in early 1974 as the main entrance of Handara Golf
Course. The gate is one of the most iconic landmarks in Denpasar and has been a popular tourist destination since its construction. 

In 1974, (Ibnu Sutowo), regarded as the “Father of Golf in Indonesia,” began construction on Bali Handara Country Club to share his passion for golf while also providing work for the local community.

Now, this is the main entrance to Handara Golf Course which is a very popular golf course in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. and the gate is one of the most iconic landmarks in Denpasar and has been a popular tourist destination since its construction.

How to Get to Bali Handara Gate 

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is known for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges. One of the most iconic places in Bali is Handara Gate which is located at   Address: Jl. Raya Singaraja-Denpasar, Pancasari, Kec. Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161, Indonesia to get to Bali Handara Gate from the city center, travelers can take a taxi or bus. Bali Handara Gate is also accessible by walking but is a bit hike. 

Best time to visit Bali Handara Gate

The best time to visit Bali Handara Gate is in the morning or early afternoon when the sun is shining. you can take a beautiful picture in front of the gate. 

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What is Handara Gate Bali Indonesia famous for?

Handara Gate is a gateway in the town of gold course landmark, Bali, Indonesia. The King of Bali built the gate in the 19th century by the King of Bali, the gate is a symbol of the kingdom and one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations.
The gate was restored in 1997 and it now houses an exhibition on Balinese art. The converted includes Bali resort, sculptures, and metalwork. There are also displays of traditional Balinese ceremonies and dances.

Ticket price for Bali Handara Gate  

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The Bali Handara Gate is an excellent place to explore if you are interested in traditional Balinese art. It is also a great place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing day out. The ticket price for the Bali Handara Gate (Visit to the Bali Handara Gate is subject to an entrance fee of IDR 30000, per person, both for domestic tourists and foreigners.)

Things to do and explore in Bali Handara Gate? 

Bali Handara Gate is bordered by lush green mountains, crater lakes, and a tropical rain forest, all of which provide spectacular surroundings to the well-kept creeping bentgrass greens

-Explore the hand-carved art of Raya Singaraja. The small village is full of stunning temples and sculptures, including a large statue of the Hindu god Shiva.

-Kayak through a crater lake and see the birdlife in the area.

-Visit Bali resort, one of Bali’s most famous resorts. It’s easy to find, just head north from Handara Gate on the main road.

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How do I contact to explore Bali Handara Gate?  

Handara Gate is a place to see iconic art and culture. It’s the best place to work in Bali. in contact handara gate, you can contact -+62 811-388-199 mentioned number for details.

Things to avoid

If you are visiting Bali for the first time, it is important to keep in mind some things to avoid if you want to enjoy your trip. One of the travelers’ most common mistakes is not respecting Balinese culture and its traditions. Here are five things you should never do while in Bali:

1. Don’t touch or cross someone’s path without asking permission.
2. Don’t take anything that isn’t yours—even if it seems like nothing is being stolen.
3. Don’t litter or leave trash around.
4. And finally, don’t take drugs or drink alcohol—both of which can ruin your vacation and damage the environment.


The Handara Gate is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most iconic attractions in Bali. Situated in the village of Singaraja, it is home to several artisans who produce some of the finest ceramics in Indonesia. The gate is a perfect example of the Balinese style of art known as “Raya Singaraja,” which features intricate geometric designs on a white background. If you’re looking for a unique experience while in Bali, visit the Handara Gate!

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