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Secret Cove Nude Beach: Attraction Point & Map Location

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Secret Cove Nude Beach | Podcast

Are you looking for the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure during your next beach holiday? Head to Secret Cove Nude Beach, a secluded paradise nested in Nevada.

Not only will you have miles of pristine beach to yourself but also clothing-optional freedom as well! With our complete guide to this hidden gem, you will discover why it is becoming an increasingly popular destination spot for thrill seekers from all over.

Learn more about the unique attractions found at this picturesque location and find out where exactly on the map it can be accessed by land or sea.

What is Secret Cove Nude Beach & Its Location?

Secret Cove Nude Beach is a beach licensed to allow and accept nudity. Located in the Carson City, Nevada USA, Secret Cove offers visitors stunning views, warm waters, and a unique atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world.

There are private cabanas, lifeguard-monitored swimming areas for those not comfortable with swimming nude, and a bar for anyone looking for refreshments or snacks. What makes Secret Cove special is that it is also clothing optional; so even travelers who are not comfortable with taking off clothes can still relax on the beach.

With its beautiful location and stress-free environment, Secret Cove Nude Beach has become an increasingly popular destination for vacationers seeking adventure and relaxation away from traditional beach spots.

How to Reach Secret Cove Nude Beach 

Secret Cove Beach is situated in Carson CityNevada, 89705, USA.

To get to Secret Cove Nude Beach, you can follow these steps:

From Carson City, take US-50 East towards South Lake Tahoe.

After about 13 miles, turn right onto Cave Rock Drive.

Follow Cave Rock Drive for about 1.5 miles until you see a parking lot on the left side of the road.

Park in the parking lot and walk down the trail to the beach.

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What is Secret Cove Nude Beach famous for? (Clothing option Beach)

Secret Cove Nude Beach so unique is in its diversity – you’ll encounter folks of all ages, body types, and backgrounds enjoying the sun, surf, and sand without clothing boundaries for the ultimate escape and relaxation.

It’s no wonder why this special place has become renowned and cherished by those who have experienced it – it truly brings freedom from inhibitions.

What to Expect at Secret Cove Nude Beach?

  • You can expect to find a small, sandy beach with a rocky shoreline and clear, blue water. The beach is surrounded by trees, providing some shade and privacy.
  • There are no facilities or amenities at the beach, so visitors should come prepared with all the supplies they will need for their visit.
  • It is important to note that Secret Cove Nude Beach is not a designated swimming beach, and the water can be cold and rough at times.
  • Visitors should be cautious when swimming and use good judgment when entering the water.

Some Beautiful Couples Pictures at Secret Cove Nude Beach

Activities and Things to Do at Secret Cove Nude Beach

Secret Cove Nude Beach is a secluded and idyllic paradise, perfect for some rest.

Activities that can be enjoyed here include swimming in the crystal-clear waters and lying on the white sand beaches, surrounded by nature.

There are also plenty of hiking trails running along the cliffs where visitors can get some breathtaking views of the ocean and take in the fresh air.

Those looking for even more adventure may choose to explore nearby coves and hidden bays, or even just lie back by one of the bonfires and soak up the stars at night. 

Things To Avoid

It’s important to be aware of the things we should avoid, from common hazards in everyday life to those particular to certain places.

For example, at Secret Cove Nude Beach, it’s essential to respect everyone’s privacy and know that nudity is expected.  As such, taking photos or trying to join conversations without being invited is a big no-no.

 Other specific behaviors aren’t welcomed too: pretending not to understand cultural beliefs in this area, talking too loudly, or making people feel uncomfortable. 

Paying attention to the things we should avoid can make sure our experiences are positive and respectful.


If you are looking for a secluded and beautiful spot to enjoy some time in nature, look no further than Secret Cove Nude Beach. This beach is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun without worrying about crowds or judgmental looks. Be sure to follow the map location so you can find the entrance to this hidden gem easily.  

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Secret Cove Nude Beach Map Locations

Secret Cove Nude Beach FAQ

Secret Cove Nude Beach is open 24/7 for all of your relaxation needs. This provides true freedom and flexibility when it comes to enjoying the serenity of the beach; sunrise, sunset, and nights – you can experience it all here! Enjoy life as nature intended at Secret Cove in privacy and comfort no matter what time of day or night.

The answer is that Secret Cove Nude Beach is open to all visitors, regardless of gender, age, or background. It’s important to remember though that this beach does require visitors to adhere to certain guidelines regarding clothing and behavior for everyone to have the most comfortable experience possible.

With these things in mind then, all visitors can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with no judgmental glances or questioning looks. It’s an environment of friendliness and acceptance that makes the atmosphere at Secret Cove Nude Beach truly unique and inviting.

Free Parking

Secret Cove Nude Beach is a popular destination, and with its rising popularity comes necessary parking facilities. Fortunately, the beach has ample parking spots available for those visiting the area. While limited spaces do exist, there is no fee for parking in these marked spots and it is even possible to park on nearby quiet residential roads complimentary of charge.


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