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If you’re looking for a great day trip, something different to draw adventure and excitement from your daily routine then looks no further than Whihala Beach in the little town of Whiting. Located just outside of Chicago along Lake Michigan, this beautiful beach is a perfect spot for recreation seekers who want to soak up some sunshine or explore the scenic coastline.

Whether that be scuba diving, picnicking on the sand, or trying out watersports like windsurfing and sailing – Whihala Beach has something for everyone! Immerse yourself in its captivating beauty; chill by its mild shoreline climate; watch people fishing on their boats as they journey through this glorious hub – it is guaranteed to make lasting memories that will surely stay with you forever. Join us today at one of Indiana’s unique coastal gems and see what Whiling has in store!

About Whihala Beach & its Locations

Whihala Beach, located in Whiting, Indiana is a perfect spot to spend a leisurely afternoon. This beach situated along Lake Michigan provides a breathtaking view of the expansive lake that stretches as far as the eye can see. Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable daycation and time of relaxation or searching for activities such as fishing or swimming, this beach can accommodate both!

The lovely and peaceful environment makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in Northwest Indiana. From trails to historical sights, Whiting has something to offer everyone and is even home to various unique breweries and eateries. Visitors can find fun activities such as paddle boarding, live concerts, and other seasonal attractions during the warmer months.

All these make it a great getaway and are just some reasons why so many people are drawn to Whihala Beach and its surrounding areas.

How to Reach Whihala Beach

 Whihala Beach is located at 1561 Park Road, Whiting, IN 46394, USA.

By Car:

From Chicago, take I-94 East to Exit 4A (119th Street).

Turn right onto 119th Street and continue for approximately 4 miles.

Turn right onto Indianapolis Boulevard and continue for approximately 1 mile.

Turn left onto Park Road and continue for approximately 1/2 mile. Whihala Beach will be on the right.

By Public Transportation:

From Chicago, take the South Shore Line train to the Whiting Station.

From the station, you can take a taxi or local bus to the beach.

It’s recommended to check the current traffic and public transportation schedules before starting your trip, to ensure a smooth and efficient journey.

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What is Whihala Beach most famous for?

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Scenic Views: Whihala Beach is renowned for offering picturesque views of Chicago’s skyline. Visitors can enjoy a stunning panorama of the cityscape while relaxing on the sandy beaches or strolling along the boardwalk.

Recreational Amenities: This destination provides a variety of recreational amenities, including walking paths for leisurely strolls, play areas for children, and designated picnic spots for families and friends to gather.

Pier: For fishing enthusiasts, Whihala Beach features a fishing pier, providing an opportunity to cast a line and enjoy a day by the water.

WhoaZone Water Park: An exciting addition to the area is the WhoaZone, a floating water park. This adventurous attraction offers an interactive and entertaining experience on the water, perfect for those seeking a more thrilling aquatic adventure.

Whihala Beach is most famous for its breathtaking skyline views, complemented by a range of recreational facilities, a fishing pier, and the exhilarating WhoaZone floating water park, making it a well-rounded destination for visitors of all interests.

About Whiting Lakefront Park at Whihala Beach


Whiting Lakefront Park at Whihala Beach is a popular recreational area in Whiting, Indiana. Here’s what you need to know:

Location: Whitehall Beach and Whiting Lakefront Park are situated in Northwest Indiana, offering beautiful lakeside views and outdoor activities.

Size and Activities: Whihala Beach is known for its expansive area, providing opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. The park also has a boat launch, making it ideal for boating enthusiasts.

Managed by Lake County Parks: This park is managed by Lake County Parks and Recreation, ensuring well-maintained facilities and a safe environment for visitors.

Explore the day trip at WhoaZone Whihala Beach, Indiana-Activities and Pricing full details.

When you dive into WhoaZone, you’re in for a day of aquatic thrills and relaxation at Whihala Beach in Indiana. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits:

Location: WhoaZone at Whihala Beach, 1561 Park Rd, Whiting, IN 46394, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Whiting, Indiana.

The main attraction at WhoaZone is the award-winning inflatable on-water obstacle course, offering fun for visitors aged 7 and above who are at least 45″ tall. Shaded seating rentals, SnackZone concessions, and a beach store provide added comfort and refreshments. Visitors can also enjoy the white sandy beach on Lake Michigan.

Hours and Pricing: WhoaZone operates from June to September with varying hours. Pricing options include single sessions for $23, double sessions for $33 (last two hours), and an all-day pass for $55. Check Online booking is available for convenience.

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Amenities and Facilities at Whiting Lakefront Park

Good for Kids: Whiting Lakefront Park is a family-friendly destination with various amenities suitable for children of all ages.

Parking Options: Visitors have the convenience of both street parking and private lot parking, making it easy to find a suitable parking spot for their visit.

Gender-Neutral Restrooms: The park offers gender-neutral restrooms, ensuring an inclusive and accommodating environment for all visitors.

Activities, things to do and see at Whihala Beach

There are many activities and things to do and see at Whihala Beach Park:

Swimming: The large sand beach at Whihala Beach is a popular spot for swimming, especially during the summer months.

Fishing: The park offers opportunities for fishing on Lake Michigan, as well as fishing docks and piers.

Boating: Visitors can launch their boats or rent boats and water equipment at the park.

Picnicking: There are picnic areas and grills available for visitors to use, making it a great place to have a family picnic or cookout.

Hiking and Nature Wkkk: The park is surrounded by lush trees and wildlife, making it a popular destination for nature walks and bird watching.

Playgrounds: There are playgrounds available for children to play on, as well as a sand volleyball court.

Festivals and Events: Whihala Beach Park is a popular destination for events and festivals throughout the year, including summer concerts, outdoor markets, and cultural events.

Scenic Views: The park offers beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area, making it a great place to relax and take in the scenery.

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Whihala Beach Photos

Attractions Point Near Whihala Beach

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Here are some attractions and points of interest near Whihala Beach Park within 10 km:

WhoaZone at Whihala Beach: This inflatable water park offers a variety of obstacle courses and water activities for visitors of all ages.

Whihala Beach Boardwalk: The boardwalk at Whihala Beach offers scenic views of Lake Michigan and is a popular destination for walking, jogging, and fishing.

Dunes: The surrounding area features dunes and wetlands, offering a unique and beautiful natural environment for visitors to explore.

Wildlife: The park and surrounding area are home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and small mammals, making it a popular destination for bird watching and nature observation.

Festivals and Events: Whihala Beach Park is a popular destination for events and festivals throughout the year, including summer concerts, outdoor markets, and cultural events.

Scenic Views: The park offers beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area, making it a great place to relax and take in the scenery.

Accommodations & facilities at Whihala Beach

The accommodations and facilities at Whihala Beach are top-notch. There are a variety of options for those seeking a place to stay, from hotels offering spa services and five-star dining to vacation rentals with easy access to the beach.

Additionally, the beach itself offers plenty of fun activities and amenities for those looking for some memorable experiences; there’s mini golf and sailing, boat tours, and swimming available, so there’s something for everyone. With spectacular views to enjoy from any spot you pick on the beach, Whihala Beach is truly a getaway worth experiencing.

Food to eat

There are several dining options near Whihala Beach Park, including:

Local Restaurants: Whiting and the surrounding area are home to a variety of local restaurants that offer a range of cuisines, including seafood, Italian, Mexican, and American.

Food Trucks: During the summer months, food trucks are a popular dining option near Whihala Beach, offering a variety of snacks and meals, such as ice cream, tacos, and hot dogs.

Concession Stands: Concession stands are available at Whihala Beach Park, offering snacks and drinks, such as popcorn, soft drinks, and ice cream.

Picnic Areas: The park offers picnic areas for visitors to bring their food and enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

Fast Food: For those looking for quick and convenient dining options, there are several fast food restaurants located near Whihala Beach, including burger and pizza chains.

Things to Avoid

When visiting Whihala Beach, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your trip is fun and enjoyable. Of course, the beach is full of beauty, but there is also the potential danger that comes with spending time around water.

  • It’s important not to swim during storms and avoid any boats engaging in unsafe activities near the beach.
  • Even if it looks like they may not endanger you, it’s always best to be cautious — after all, those situations can change quickly!
  • Additionally, keep an eye out for wildlife – refrain from feeding them as they go about their day, and remember they have the right of way over humans.

Now that you know what to look out for, have a great time at Whihala Beach!


Whihala Beach in Whiting is ideal for those looking for a memorable vacation. It offers a variety of activities and attractions that can keep you entertained throughout the day. Whether you are looking to spend a leisurely day at the beach or seeking adventure in the park, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

All of these features make Whihala Beach an excellent place for families to stay and explore during their next getaway. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and create lasting memories that you’ll treasure forever. Now that you know what this fantastic beach has to offer, it’s time to plan your trip! So don’t hesitate – to come out and experience all that Whihala Beach, Whiting has to offer today!

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Whihala Beach Map Directions

Whihala Beach FAQ

It is important to note that these operating hours may change based on the season and weather conditions, so it’s always a good idea to check the park’s official website or call ahead for the most up-to-date information.

  • Saturday before Memorial Day – Labor Day: 10 am-6 pm
  • Beach Parking Lot (past the gates): 10:30 am-6:30 pm
  • Boat Launch Parking Lot: 7 am-6:30 pm

No dogs allowed

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The beach prohibits all animals from entering, except service and therapy animals. However, there are plenty of other nearby pet-friendly beaches that are just as beautiful and serene as Whihala.

To make convenience easier, you can easily pay for your parking with Park and Beach Parking Meters. Cars can be parked for $4 per hour or $20 for all day.

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